Mascara 101

Mascara 101

I get a lot of questions about mascara: What mascara do you use? Have you ever tried xyz mascara? What is your favorite mascara? The list goes on!

The thing about mascara is… it is such a personal choice/opinion. Most beauty products are like this but I find is to be especially true with different types of mascara. One mascara that I may love, another person may hate – which is completely normal. My conclusion is this: everyone’s eyelashes are so different. Everyone has different needs of what they are looking for in mascara. One person may want to use mascara for lash length, while another person may want to use mascara for lash volume. And in some cases both. 🙂

I’ve created this graphic to be a helpful guide to finding the perfect mascara. All that you have to do is determine one thing: Do my lashes need more length or volume? Or both? If you have a lot of lashes but they are short, you need length. If you have long lashes but not that many, you need volume. If you have short lashes and not that many, you need both. After you determine that, simply follow the graphic to find my recommendations on which type of mascaras would best fit your needs based on my experience using them. All of the mascaras are linked at the bottom of this post or can be easily found at Target or Ulta.

For me personally, my eyelashes are naturally pretty long so I tend to focus on voluminizing mascaras. And even though my eyelashes are long, the tips are blonde so they only look long if I am wearing mascara. My mascara of choice is Maybelline the Rocket.

Happy mascara shopping! Please let me know if you have any mascara or beauty related questions. 🙂 I’m more than happy to help!

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