Travel: Germany

New Town Hall

Our travels to Germany started out a little bit rough. We booked plane tickets from London, England to Stuttgart, Germany but accidentally went to the wrong airport in London to catch our flight. After a crazy taxi ride during rush hour and running through the airport, we did end up catching our flight to Stuttgart, Germany!

We flew into Stuttgart, Germany and got to our hotel at about 11 PM and explored the rest of the next day. We liked Stuttgart but it was an industrial town that didn’t offer much to tourists. We had our first German pretzel in Stuttgart, which was nothing short of the best pretzel we’ve had in our lives.

Our first German pretzel!

After exploring Stuttgart, we got on a train to take us to Munich, Germany and arrived around 4 PM. We freshened up, headed out for dinner then explored the city for the rest of the evening and next day. We ate dinner at the Augustiner Bräu München in front of Frauenkirche.  It was a beautiful evening, an amazing Bavarian meal, and a great view of the Frauenkirche.


Happy to be in Munich 🙂 


The hotel we stayed at was located right in the middle of Old Town Munich and our window overlooked the beautiful brick streets. We were walking distance from most of the things we wanted to see, which was perfect given our short time frame to squeeze it all in.

One of our favorite things to do was walk around the city after dinner. During our evening in Munich, we were strolling in the streets after dinner, the weather was just right, the sun was setting and in the distance and we could hear a faint piano playing in the streets. We walked towards the piano sound and got closer and closer. Finally, we discovered it was a man playing piano in the middle of the street in the Marienplatz (central square in Munich). It was truly magical and one of my favorite memories from the whole trip.

Pretty buildings and lighting while walking around after dinner
Chillin’ at the Karlsplatz

Cities we visited:
Stuttgart & Munich

How long we stayed: 2 days

Best thing we ate:
K: Spaetzle T: Buttered Street Pretzel

What we did/saw:
New Town Hall, Frauenkirche, Feldherrnhalle, Marienplatz, Karlsplatz

Our favorite thing we did:
Ate dinner at Augustiner Bräu München in front of the Frauenkirche.

Our favorite memory:
Strolling the streets after dinner while listening to the piano player perform.

What we would do differently next time:
Spend more time in Munich and visit Olympia Park, a concentration camp (Dauchau), and a palace (Nymphenburg or Linderhof). Munich had an amazing culture and we had such a great time there. If we go back to Germany, I would love to visit Berlin.