Friday Favorites Vol. 6

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Happy Friyay 🙂

We are going boating this weekend and I got this black one piece from Target! In the past, one piece bathing suits have never fit quite right but this one fits great. A few other cute options are here and here. I was really impressed with what a good selection Target had.

Have you listened to Hillsong’s new(ish) album, Wonder? It’s amazing and available on Spotify. My favorite song is Shadow Step.

This post has inspired me to try and create a capsule wardrobe. I’ve considered a capsule wardrobe a few times and have always thought it’d be too hard. Now that I think about it more, it would make packing for trips so much easier. I think my first step is cleaning out my closet and donating a lot.

I really want to try this roasted cauliflower orzo salad, it looks so summery and delicious!

Did you see my travel essentials post earlier this week? Do you have any travel tips or items that you would recommend that may not be included in my post?

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful weather we are suppose to have this weekend!

Travel Essentials

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Whew, what a whirlwind. About two and a half weeks after we got home from Europe, we headed out to California for a long weekend over July fourth. Needless to say, we’ve done a lot of traveling the last month and a half. I’m always curious what peoples ‘must have’ travel items are so I’ve linked all of mine above. Also, I’m sharing a few travel tips below that I’ve learned from others along the way.

Troy got me this book bag for Christmas and it is a great companion to my carry on suitcase for traveling. It could fit a ton but was also comfortable to carry and most importantly, cute 🙂

My sister taught me to bring an empty water bottle in your carry on. You can fill it up at a drinking fountain after security and save yourself $5 paying for a bottle of water in the airport. Good for your wallet and the environment 🙂

Sleeping on planes is really hard for me! I’ve found that having a face mask, ear plugs and a neck pillow are necessary for me to even consider sleeping. This post was helpful on how to sleep on planes during long flights and it actually worked for me! To summarize the article, she doesn’t sleep on the short flights of the trip and then on the long flight she ‘gets ready for bed’ by brushing her teeth and washing her face.

This eye cream by Rodan + Fields will make you look like you’ve had a great night sleep even if you only got a few hours. I struggle with dark under eye circles and this eye cream makes my eyes so bright and has eliminated a lot of the darkness under my eyes.

These face wipes are great to travel with to easily take your makeup off. Even if you aren’t taking your makeup off, they are great to use to make your skin feel refreshed.

If you have a long flight, I would definitely recommend investing in a pair of wireless headphones. The pair linked above are comfy to wear and hold their charge for quite a while. For a less bulky option, Troy has these and really likes them!

I received these travel containers as a gift for Christmas and love them! If you are in the market for any, I would definitely recommend these.

We bought this rechargeable battery for our trip and it came in handy on more than one occasion. You can plug up to three USB cords into the battery at once to charge your phone, headphones, etc.

I’d love to know what you take with you on when you travel! What do I need to be taking that I don’t currently?

Friday Favorites Vol. 5

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Happy Friday, peeps! We are heading out to California for the long weekend to visit my sister! We were scheduled to arrive late last night but due to a plane delay, we missed our connection in Las Vegas and could not head out until this morning.

One of my favorite bloggers, Kate, from The Small Things Blog mentioned this video in her Instagram story. In the video, Ali describes how to correctly and incorrectly apply makeup. Not only does she have great tips but her sense of humor cracks me up.

This travel guide makes me want to visit Portland, Oregon! Kayleigh had some really great recommendations and things to do while in Portland. She also talks about exploring your own city more, which I want to make more of an effort of doing. We have a lot to do here in Northeast Ohio and I want to take advantage of it!

Are you a Spotify person? I’ve been using it for about a year and just upgraded to premium #bigthingsarehappening. A coworker helped me download a few playlists and they came in clutch for my flights. I’ve been enjoying the morning acoustic playlist.

Rifle Paper Co is having a 20% off sale this weekend. Go snag a few items for gifts or for yourself 😉 I’ve had my eye on this print for quite some time and I just might have to buy it!

Charlotte Tilbury’s all-in-one natural beauty palette is on my wish list. It’s so expensive but I’ve only heard amazing things about it. Maybe one day… 🙂

That’s all for today! Our flight is about to take off and I have an Auntie Anne’s pretzel with my name on it waiting for me… #priorities 🙂 I hope everyone has a great long weekend celebrating our freedom!

Travel: Europe (!!!)

Westminster Abby.jpg

London, England: Westminster Abbey

What a trip! We are back from our two week European adventure. Let’s just say… it was nothing short of amazing. We truly had a trip of a lifetime and are so incredibly thankful that we were able to have this experience. This post is a high level recap and introduction to all of the other content that I will share in the coming months in regard to our trip!

Two of the most common questions I got when I told people the trip we were going on were 1) Did you work with a travel agent? and 2) Are you going with a tour? The answer to both of those questions was no. My husband, Troy actually planned every single detail of our trip! He loves planning travel and this was a really big goal for him to accomplish. I must say, I was very impressed with the trip he planned for us; #rufenerworldtravel for the win 😉

While we were in Europe, we visited 5 countries and 10 cities! People told us we were crazy for doing this but honestly, it worked out really well and I wouldn’t change a thing. It fit perfectly with the type of trip we wanted to go on. With that said, we are pretty fast-paced people and wanted to see a lot of places. It’s not for everyone but we loved it!

We visited the following cities and countries: London, England, Stuttgart, Germany, Munich, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, Lucerne, Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland, Venice, Italy, Florence, Italy, Rome, Italy, Paris, France. You can expect blog posts coming soon about each country!

We had 3 connecting flights on our way over to Europe and were worried about losing our luggage. Due to the number of places we were traveling while we were over there, losing our luggage was a not a risk we were willing to take. So, we only took carry on luggage and it was the best decision that we made! I will have a few posts coming soon about what I packed. I’ll let you know what I wore a ton and what I could have gone without. Also, I had Troy take quite a few outfit photos while we were out and about so you can see how I styled a lot of the items that I packed.

Our longest flight was 7 1/2 hours and between eating, sleeping and watching a few movies, the flight went by pretty quickly. I’m compiling all of my travel / flight essentials and will share that post with you soon, as well!

I’m really excited to share this content with all of you! It’s so fun having a place to share it and it means so much to me that all of you take the time to read it! Xoxo


Friday Favorites Vol. 4

Friday Favorites Vol. 4

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Whew, what a week! We got back from Europe last Saturday and have been settling back into reality all week 😉 Although I must say, it feels really good to be home.

A few of my favorites…

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Monday! I cannot believe it has already been a year, time is flying! We had a pretty low key evening; it was both of our first days back to work after being gone for two weeks in Europe. We made homemade pizza and ate our wedding cake for dessert 🙂

This is such a beautiful sun room makeover. What a great space to host guests or relax and paint!

I got these Birkenstocks for my birthday and love. them. My sister has them in blue and she is way cooler than me, so you should order some too.

Lara Casey is releasing a new book called Cultivate. I pre-ordered a copy of it; I loved her book Make It Happen and I’m really excited to read Cultivate!

I love the nail polish shade ‘Cajun Shrimp’ by OPI; it’s bright, happy and perfect for summer.

What I love most about traveling is that I always come back with new inspiration and a fresh perspective. I have some fun content planned in the coming months for my blog that I’m really excited to share with you! Stay tuned 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend! My brother and his girlfriend are coming into town this weekend and I’m really excited to see them… I know it will be a good one 🙂

Friday Favorites Vol. 3

Friday Favorites Vol. 3

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Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! I’m excited to share a few of my favorites with you today.

How amazing is this fruit salad? I would not mind being at a party that this was served at 😉

I ordered this bag for Europe. I am so excited about it! I’m typically a cross body kind of person but I think a book bag will be great for carrying all of my things around Europe.

I always struggle with creative breakfast ideas. Typically, I eat a Clif protein bar every morning (so boring, I know) but I feel like this article has some really simple and practical on-the-go breakfast ideas.

I’ve watched a few episodes of The Office here and there but I told Troy that I want to watch all of the episodes and seasons in order. My sister is going to be so proud of me.

One of my friends from college started a flower company called Veiled Lady Floral. If you haven’t already, go follow her Instagram page! She has beautiful work and is super fun and inspiring.

I love this berry swimsuit from J.Crew. I think it’s really fun and different.

Things may get a little quiet around here due to our trip to Europe but I will be back to posting once we return to tell you about all of our adventures!

Have a great weekend!

Drugstore Beauty Buys

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A lot of the questions I get related to beauty products are about what my favorite drugstore beauty products are. Drugstore beauty products are the types of products you would find at Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc. A common misconception is that drugstore beauty products are bad or don’t work as well as high end beauty products, but that isn’t always the case. There are quite a few products that I prefer a drugstore brand over a high end brand!

This cream eye shadow is very similar to the MAC paint pot that I talked about in this post. The main difference is this version has a shimmer and the MAC paint pot does not. This is perfect to use as a base to your eye shadow. It adds just the right amount of shimmer and is great for summer!

While I have not used it myself, I’ve heard really great things about this contour palette. It is comparable to this contour palette by Tarte and is a fraction of the cost.

I have really dark under eye circles and this concealer does the trick to cover them. It is similar to this under eye concealer by IT Cosmetics, only the formula of the Maybelline version is a little more runny than the IT Cosmetics version.

I couldn’t do a post like this and not include my beloved honey balm stain 😉

If you have long eye lashes but are looking to add volume, this is a great mascara. I typically do two coats of mascara. For the first coat I use Maybelline the Rocket and for the second coat I use L’Oreal Voluminous. I prefer these two mascaras over any high end mascara I’ve ever used!

If you’re in the market for some new nail polish (let’s be honest, who isn’t?) these are really affordable and last a while without chipping.

I recently tried this eye liner and loved it! Soap and Glory makes some really great makeup and skin care products.

Next time you’re at Target, treat yourself and buy one of these products! I’d love to know what is on your list to try. 🙂


Travel: Waterbury, VT


At the end of September of 2016, Troy and I headed to Waterbury, VT. A few days after we got back from our honeymoon at the end of June, I started a full-time job and we still had quite a bit of work to finish up on our house. We decided to go on a fall trip and this was a perfectly timed getaway after a busy summer.

Waterbury, VT is a quaint, small town in Northern Vermont. All of the residents of the town were so nice and welcoming. Whenever we told them we were from out of town there was a genuine excitement from them and they were ready to give recommendations.

We stayed in an Airbnb for the few nights we were there and had such a great experience. By staying in an Airbnb, we were able to stay in downtown Waterbury. We were able to walk to dinner most nights and overall enjoy the different aspects of the town.

We did two hikes while we were there; one at Pinnacle Meadows and one at Camel’s Hump National Park.


This was a really fun hike! We were at the at the top of the mountain we hiked in Pinnacle Meadows. Two teachers had taken their class on a hike (so fun!) and one of them took this picture for us. They gave us the recommendation to hike at Camel’s Hump National Park, which was our favorite hike!


This is one of my favorite pictures of Troy and I. It was so windy (and cold!) at the top of the mountain at Camel’s Hump National Park.


We stopped at this cute little shop that sold maple syrup. We bought a few bottles to take back home with us and anytime we use the syrup we talk about memories from the trip.


We visited Cold Hollow Cider Mill and loved it. We are little partial to Bauman Orchards (in Rittman, OH) but it was fun to visit something similar out of state.  They had awesome apple cider donuts, apple cider and a gift shop that was fun to browse.


We went on a Ben & Jerry’s factory tour, which was a little disappointing. The production facility we toured only had about four production days per week, with no set schedule. We decided to test our luck but unfortunately they were not making ice cream the day we toured. We were a little bummed but the tickets were relatively inexpensive and we got a free sample of ice cream at the end.

I’m always curious where people eat and different restaurant recommendations they may have. A few places we ate at were Prohibition Pig (awesome barbecue), Arvad’s Grill & Pub (decent food, bad service), and The Blue Stone (great pizza place). We ate at a few other cafes and small lunch places but to be honest, we ate a lot of Clif bars / snacks while hiking, which typically took place of meals (sorry mom).

This trip was only a few days long but we had so much fun! I had zero expectations going into the trip and it has been one of my favorite trips, to date.

Have you ever gone a trip with no expectations and had a blast? I would love to know where you went!

Unique Bridal Shower & Wedding Gifts

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As wedding and bridal shower season is now upon us, I thought it would be fun to compile a fun gift guide of unique gifts that you could give to someone getting married! What I mean by unique is a fun twist on a practical product. For example, the colander; most people register for a colander but how cute would it be to gift a copper one instead?

We have this cake stand and I use it all of the time! This is a great container to store leftover baked goods in to keep them from drying out while also looking pretty.

There is something about having pretty oven mitts and an apron that make cooking and baking way more fun. I don’t know what it is but it makes me happy every single time I take something out of the oven while using these.

I don’t have this condiment trio but I think it would be so useful. We just had some friends over for Mexican the other night; how cute would this have been to serve the guacamole, sour cream and salsa?

After compiling this list of items, I realized that everything is from Anthropologie and Target, ha! It was unintentional BUT I do feel like they both have really great home items. Target is great because a lot of their home items are affordable and easy to return (if the need arises). Anthropologie can be a little pricey but their items are so beautiful that I think they are worth it!

What is one of your favorite items that you received on your wedding registry? I’d love to know!

Friday Favorites Vol. 2

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Happy Friday, everyone! I cannot believe it is already May! We are going to see the musical Something Rotten and celebrating my sister’s birthday this weekend so it should be a good one!

How cute is this cat pillow DIY?! This would be a great gift to give to someone about to have a baby or a younger niece, cousin, or sibling that would enjoy it!

My sister attended Passion 2017 and recommended that I listen to this session by Levi Lusko. Woah, it was so awesome. I would highly recommend listening to it!

A great post on everyday contouring to add some definition to your face without looking too overdone.

With all of the rainy weather we’re suppose to have this weekend, you should make this Italian orzo spinach soup. It’s easy to make and most of the time I have all of the ingredients on hand!

Also, as a side note… I’ve been trying to decorate my mantle, I need help! Please send me your best tips or inspiration.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂