How to Style a Jean Jacket

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Jean jackets are one of my favorite clothing items to wear and today I’m sharing with you four different ways that you can style a jean jacket!

First things first, the jean jacket. I own the jean jacket linked above and love it. Any jean jacket will do but if you are in the market for one, check this one out!

With Spring quickly approaching, how fun would it be to wear this orange shirt with the pretty detail on the bottom? The shirt would be cute on its own but if it is too cold, throw on the jean jacket for an extra layer and you can still see the pretty detail on the bottom. Win, win.

An easy way to dress up a jean jacket would be to add a statement necklace. I typically just wear a cotton long sleeve shirt underneath if I am styling my jean jacket this way.

Maybe it’s a little too chilly to go outside without a coat on but not warm enough to not wear a coat? Layer a flannel shirt with a jean jacket. I love how simple this flannel is but you could also add a more colorful / patterned flannel, if that aligns more with your style.

One of my favorite ways to wear a jean jacket is to layer it with a scarf. Pair it with some stud earrings and a messy bun and you’re good to go! Cozy, simple and perfect for cooler weather.

A lot of people ask if it is okay to wear a denim jean jacket with denim jeans. My opinion is yes, totally okay! I really like how it looks together but if you don’t like it, swap out the jeans with leggings, colored pants, etc. It is completely up to your preferences and what fits your style best. A rule of thumb that I typically use is to wear a darker denim jean with my light – medium wash jean jacket so that their is a contrast in the washes of the denim.

I hope that this post provides you with some new inspiration to style your jean jacket, especially with Spring right around the corner.

Do you have a favorite way to style your jean jacket? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new ideas!


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