Europe Capsule Wardrobe

Europe Capsule Wardrobe (1).png

One of the most frequent questions I got about our trip to Europe was ‘what did you pack?’ I’m excited to share with you what I took to Europe! All of the items in the graphic are linked at the bottom of this post.

We had three connecting flights to get to our first destination, London, England. To avoid the risk of losing our luggage, we only packed carry-on luggage. Each of us took a carry-on size suitcase and a book bag. I was a little hesitant at first if I would have enough space to pack for 14 days but it ended up being a really fun challenge to complete.

We received two pieces of Β great advice from our friends who have traveled overseas quite a bit. The first was to only pack carry-on luggage. It was so nice not having to haul around a huge suitcase while we were over there. The second was to pack your clothes rolled instead of folded in your suitcase. You will save so much space!Β I rolled my clothes and put them into travel cubes. It was nice having my suitcase in ‘sections’. I kept my shirts in one cube, my pants in one cube, etc.

While compiling the items that I would be taking, it was helpful to know that a majority of what we would be doing – site seeing and exploring cities. With this in mind, I packed a lot of comfy but cute t-shirts and dresses that I could wear during the day but easily dress up for dinner.

The graphic above summarizes all of clothing items that I took with me. I kept the color palette neutral and made sure that everything I took had multiple things that it could matched or worn with. I bought a few new items for the trip but made sure to wear them in advance so that I knew I would be comfortable in them. I buy a lot of my clothes at T J Maxx so quite a few of these are not the exact items that I took but very similar. And of course, I took makeup, hair products and toiletries with me, as well.

If you were going to Europe (or traveling in general!) I’d be curious what you would add to this? Any must have items that you would recommend taking?

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I would love to answer them πŸ™‚

T-Shirts: black | blush | LTD | striped | OhioΒ 
Jackets: tan jacket | green vestΒ 
Dresses: black romper | chambray | striped | black sleeveless
Pants: leggings| casual green | light jeans | dark jeans | casual striped shorts | jean shorts
Accessories: earrings | necklace | purse | sunglasses
Shoes: birkenstocks | nike’s | tan flats




2 thoughts on “Europe Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I am SO IMPRESSED you packed for two weeks in a carry- on!!! Really amazing- I know lots of thought went into it. And your outfits looked so cute!


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