Friday Favorites Vol. 4

Friday Favorites Vol. 4

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Whew, what a week! We got back from Europe last Saturday and have been settling back into reality all week 😉 Although I must say, it feels really good to be home.

A few of my favorites…

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Monday! I cannot believe it has already been a year, time is flying! We had a pretty low key evening; it was both of our first days back to work after being gone for two weeks in Europe. We made homemade pizza and ate our wedding cake for dessert 🙂

This is such a beautiful sun room makeover. What a great space to host guests or relax and paint!

I got these Birkenstocks for my birthday and love. them. My sister has them in blue and she is way cooler than me, so you should order some too.

Lara Casey is releasing a new book called Cultivate. I pre-ordered a copy of it; I loved her book Make It Happen and I’m really excited to read Cultivate!

I love the nail polish shade ‘Cajun Shrimp’ by OPI; it’s bright, happy and perfect for summer.

What I love most about traveling is that I always come back with new inspiration and a fresh perspective. I have some fun content planned in the coming months for my blog that I’m really excited to share with you! Stay tuned 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend! My brother and his girlfriend are coming into town this weekend and I’m really excited to see them… I know it will be a good one 🙂

Friday Favorites Vol. 3

Friday Favorites Vol. 3

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Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! I’m excited to share a few of my favorites with you today.

How amazing is this fruit salad? I would not mind being at a party that this was served at 😉

I ordered this bag for Europe. I am so excited about it! I’m typically a cross body kind of person but I think a book bag will be great for carrying all of my things around Europe.

I always struggle with creative breakfast ideas. Typically, I eat a Clif protein bar every morning (so boring, I know) but I feel like this article has some really simple and practical on-the-go breakfast ideas.

I’ve watched a few episodes of The Office here and there but I told Troy that I want to watch all of the episodes and seasons in order. My sister is going to be so proud of me.

One of my friends from college started a flower company called Veiled Lady Floral. If you haven’t already, go follow her Instagram page! She has beautiful work and is super fun and inspiring.

I love this berry swimsuit from J.Crew. I think it’s really fun and different.

Things may get a little quiet around here due to our trip to Europe but I will be back to posting once we return to tell you about all of our adventures!

Have a great weekend!

Unique Bridal Shower & Wedding Gifts

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As wedding and bridal shower season is now upon us, I thought it would be fun to compile a fun gift guide of unique gifts that you could give to someone getting married! What I mean by unique is a fun twist on a practical product. For example, the colander; most people register for a colander but how cute would it be to gift a copper one instead?

We have this cake stand and I use it all of the time! This is a great container to store leftover baked goods in to keep them from drying out while also looking pretty.

There is something about having pretty oven mitts and an apron that make cooking and baking way more fun. I don’t know what it is but it makes me happy every single time I take something out of the oven while using these.

I don’t have this condiment trio but I think it would be so useful. We just had some friends over for Mexican the other night; how cute would this have been to serve the guacamole, sour cream and salsa?

After compiling this list of items, I realized that everything is from Anthropologie and Target, ha! It was unintentional BUT I do feel like they both have really great home items. Target is great because a lot of their home items are affordable and easy to return (if the need arises). Anthropologie can be a little pricey but their items are so beautiful that I think they are worth it!

What is one of your favorite items that you received on your wedding registry? I’d love to know!

Friday Favorites Vol. 2

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Happy Friday, everyone! I cannot believe it is already May! We are going to see the musical Something Rotten and celebrating my sister’s birthday this weekend so it should be a good one!

How cute is this cat pillow DIY?! This would be a great gift to give to someone about to have a baby or a younger niece, cousin, or sibling that would enjoy it!

My sister attended Passion 2017 and recommended that I listen to this session by Levi Lusko. Woah, it was so awesome. I would highly recommend listening to it!

A great post on everyday contouring to add some definition to your face without looking too overdone.

With all of the rainy weather we’re suppose to have this weekend, you should make this Italian orzo spinach soup. It’s easy to make and most of the time I have all of the ingredients on hand!

Also, as a side note… I’ve been trying to decorate my mantle, I need help! Please send me your best tips or inspiration.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

Friday Favorites Vol. 1

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. Spring is here! Everything is starting to bloom, which I love but my allergies do not 😉

I’m excited to start this fun little series to *hopefully* get me to post to my blog more consistently.

I recently purchased these headphones and they are so. great. We flew to Florida for a few days last month and these were perfect for the flight. Noise cancelling, comfortable, wireless, and most importantly, pretty!

Last weekend, I got a new bike and I’m super pumped about it! I love biking and we have a bike trail about a quarter mile from our house, which is perfect for weekday evening rides. I’m excited to try out some new trails this summer.

Bethel music released a new album Starlight and it’s amazing, go listen to it!

This banana bread recipe is amazing. I usually skip the frosting because it is that good on it’s own!

If you have problems with your nail polish chipping right after you paint your nails, try this gel top coat. I did two coats of regular nail polish with this on top and my nail polish looked nice for about a week!

Does anyone have any fun weekend plans? Let me know in the comments!

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide.png

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The amount of days until Christmas are slowly decreasing… have you done your shopping yet? I had so much fun creating this little gift guide to provide you with some inspiration if you’re stumped on what to get someone.

Have a beauty loving friend/mom/sister? How fun would it be to receive this highlighter and this pretty brush? The shades in this eye shadow palette are all matte, versatile and stunning.

You can never go wrong with anything from Rifle Paper Company, in my opinion. I mean how beautiful is this calendar? And this art print? Ugh, I love everything they sell.

How fun would it be to receive a cast iron tea kettle? The one linked above is pretty pricey but I’ve seen quite a few similar options at T J Maxx for a fraction of the cost. This candle smells amazing; and how pretty is the container it comes in?

All of these gifts are great because you don’t even need to know the person’s size. I especially love all of these items because they are fun splurge that someone may not typically buy. I hope this can provide you with a few last minute ideas, in case you need them!

Do you typically procrastinate your Christmas shopping? Or do you try to get it done far in advance? I’m somewhere in the middle. 🙂 Let me know how you do your Christmas shopping in the comments below!

Meet My Husband

rufener-176This is my husband, Troy.

Troy and I started dating on June 23, 2012. We got engaged on May 20, 2015. And then got married on June 12, 2016. All in all, it’s been the best 4 1/2 years of my life since Troy has been in it 🙂

I felt like an introduction was necessary because I’m sure you will be seeing him around this blog quite often 🙂

A few things about Troy…

  1. He is incredibly patient
  2. He dreams big and thinks without limits
  3. He loves Jesus with all he’s got
  4. He loves home renovation projects
  5. He has a servant heart that I admire a lot