Cozy + Casual Winter Outfit

A little bit before Christmas, Troy and I stopped in Old Navy quick for me to get a pair of black pants. But while we were in there, I found quite a few more things! Isn’t that how things always go? When you’re looking for something, you can never find it. And when you aren’t, there are a bunch of things that you love, haha.

This sweater and actually, these jeans! were a few of the things that I got. I typically stick to neutrals but I loved the color and overall shape of this sweater. It’s super cozy and the neck line has all of the benefits of a turtleneck without being as constricting as a turtleneck. Also, I love the hi-lo hem (the back being longer than the front).

I’m kind of particular about my jeans and these jeans are amazing! They have just the right amount of stretch, they are incredibly comfortable, and they hold their shape well. The distressed jeans paired with this sweater and low booties make the perfect casual and cozy outfit for the cold winter months!

I hope that you’re staying warm, wherever you are! We have had some warmer temps in Ohio recently, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to last very long.



Outfit Details

This comes in a few different color options, as well!

These aren’t on sale currently, but wait until they are! I think I paid around $25, to give you a reference.

These booties are pricey but I wear mine almost every day! They are so comfy and the perfect mix between casual and dressy. 

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