Hello 2018!

Hey there! You may (or may not) have noticed that I took a little break from my blog. It started out unintentional, but then I got sick, we went on a vacation and the holidays came so I decided to take a break until the new year instead of stressing about it. So, here I am!

First of all, I cannot believe it is 2018! In some ways, it feels like 2017 just started but in others, I’m ready and excited for the new year. I love new year’s because even though I think we should set goals and resolutions more than one time per year, I think it’s really healthy to evaluate where we’re at and reflect on all that took place in the past year.

Overall, it was a good year. A few of the highlights this year were the following…

  • All of the traveling that we were able to do. The most notable being our trip to Europe! What a dream come true. We also visited my sister in California and went on a 4-day Caribbean cruise. And finally we took two weekend trips; one to Chicago in February and one to Florida in March.
  • Our cat, Indy! My mom and sister rescued him in October and he needed a home, so Troy and I took him. I’m trying to slowly convert Troy into a cat person and I think it’s working! He loves Indy way more than he will ever admit 😉
  • I planted a garden. I planted it a little late (due to the timing of our Europe trip) but I’m excited to plant another one this year.
  • We finished up our house remodel. There’s always a project here and there but for the most part it has been finished for the latter part of 2017. I love our house and the memories that we are making here.

Since we haven’t ‘talked’ for a while, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been up to recently!

The first thing is… I started a new job! A really great opportunity fell into my lap and I decided to take it. I started at the beginning of November and it’s going really well. My new co-workers are great and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. But as expected, with all ‘new’ things, there are adjustments, transition, and finding a new rhythm.

When Lara Casey’s PowerSheets launched in October, I purchased them based on so many people I follow or know who use and love them! It’s definitely a lot of work (all good things are) but I’ve really enjoyed working through them as the new year starts.

Pinch of Yum is hosting a Sugar Free January challenge and I decided to participate. Obviously, we’re only a few days in but I’m really enjoying it! To clarify, it’s no refined sugar and you can modify it however you want. I’m still including real maple syrup, raw honey, and a little bit of dark chocolate. Just being realistic 😉 Sugar is in pretty much everything and I’ve learned a lot about how much sugar I’m eating that I didn’t even know about! It’s not to late to start if you want to join!

As I mentioned above, we went on a 4-day cruise at the beginning of December with 16 of our friends! We had so much fun and it was a great sunny getaway as we entered into Winter.

As far as this ol’ blog goes, I’m really excited for this coming year! I’m really passionate about this blog and love creating content for all of you. I started a new Facebook page and turned my personal Instagram into a blog Instagram account. I will be posting more blog related content on both. If there is any content that you would like to see, let me know! I have a few ideas up my sleeve but would love your feedback, as well.

Happy new year, friends!