How We Met

You guyssss, I love Valentine’s Day! I know I know, it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’, but I think it’s so fun! Even when I was single, I still loved it. Who doesn’t love celebrating love?

Honestly, Troy and I never celebrate with anything big for Valentine’s Day. We serve in our church’s youth group on Wednesday nights, so we have that tonight and will probably just make some homemade pizza together when we get home. I just love any excuse to do something a little extra special!

I thought that today would be the perfect day to share how Troy and I met! I love reading how people meet; the unique series of events that brought them together, first impressions, first dates, etc.! So, here is ours…

We first met in December 2011, I was a senior in high school and Troy was a sophomore in college. We both worked at a pizza shop that a Troy’s cousin owns. My oldest brother was friends with Troy’s cousin, which is what got me the job there. Troy worked there because his cousin owned it. This is where/when we met for the first time.

Even though I started working at the pizza shop in December, I didn’t start working the same night as Troy until the Spring. We had a fun crew that worked together each Tuesday night and I felt like we were all pretty good friends. I thought Troy was nice and funny but didn’t really think of him as much more than a good friend.

I didn’t seriously date anyone in high school and it didn’t really bother me. I didn’t feel pressure to meet someone super quickly (I had a whole lot of life ahead of me) and figured that I would meet someone in college.

Until… one day in June, Troy messaged me on Facebook and asked me to ‘hang out’. I still tease Troy for messaging me on Facebook, but in his defense, the only other way he could ask me was at work and he didn’t want me to feel pressured to say yes.

I still remember where I was when I got his Facebook message. I was in the car with my mom and sister on my way to a dentist appointment. And I said to both of them “oh my gosh, a guy I worked with just asked me if I want to hang out with him.” I was so shocked! I figured I might as well give Troy a shot, I really had nothing to lose. My mom agreed and said “it’s not like you have to marry him.” #famouslastwords

So it was settled, we were going to “hang out” aka go on a date. We had agreed to the next Sunday, which was a weird day but based on both of our schedules, that’s what worked out. Then, this is where things got a little bit awkward.

Troy and I planned to hang out on Sunday, but worked together on Saturday night. Between Wednesday (when I agreed) and Saturday we had talked a little bit via text. We both showed up to work on Saturday night and Troy didn’t even say hi to me. I was so appalled and gave him a sassy “uh, hi”. Like, hello?! you just asked me on a date and now you’re going to ignore me? Haha! We disagree on this because Troy claims he said hey, but I know he didn’t. 😉

The second awkward start to our relationship was that our first date was to his brother’s graduation party. Like I mentioned before, we had agreed to go on a date on Sunday evening, but Troy forgot that it was the day of his brother’s graduation party. Instead of just rescheduling, he invited me to the graduation party, and I said I would go. What was I thinking?! I met his entire family on our first date. And not only that but Troy has a huge family. Haha! It’s a funny memory now. And honestly, there were a few awkward moments (you know, because we barely knew each other) but overall, it was fine.

We dated that summer and I moved to Kent in the Fall to start my freshman year of college. We dated for three years, got engaged after my junior year of college, and got married after I graduated college! What an awesome whirlwind of life. 🙂

Life is so crazy and sometimes I still can’t believe I married a guy that I met at a pizza shop that I worked at on a whim during my senior year of high school. God brought Troy and I together at such a unique and unexpected time and I’m so thankful for His faithfulness to us.

When people ask us about our relationship and how it ‘worked out’, I attribute it to two key things. One, we built a friendship before building a relationship. As I stated above, before Troy and I started dating we were friends for a few months. I viewed him as a loyal and trustworthy friend before I even thought about dating him. Two, we both had individual relationships with Christ before our relationship together. This is still true in our marriage today. Our individual relationships with Christ come first, and our relationship with each other comes second.

Troy and I will be married for two years and together for six years (what?!) this summer. Life is sweet, and I’m so glad that I get to do this crazy thing called life with Troy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Celebrate the ones that you love today (and always). 🙂

Here is a trip down memory lane of photos of Troy and I together over the years… 🙂

August 2012
October 2012
December 2012
Kent Halloween, October 2013
Troy’s Graduation, December 2013
July 2013
July 2014
November 2014
April 2015
Our engagement! May 2015
My graduation, May 2016
Our wedding! June 2016
Our honeymoon! June 2016
September 2016
May 2017